The Dr. Fredegusto G. David Memorial Award for Excellence in the Sciences and Mathematics 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Family of the late Dr. Fredegusto G. David is pleased to announce that it will again confer the Academic Award for Excellence in the Sciences and Mathematics on a select outstanding student(s) at the Philippine Science High School’s “Toast to Excellence”,  to be held on March 30, 2009 at the PSHS.  In this connection, we are re-publishing the original Write-Up on Dr. David and on the Award itself, as well as the Congratulatory Message to the first awardees, Tobit James C. Narciso and Stephanie Anne A. Oliveros.

Write-Up on Dr. Fredegusto G. David

Dr. Fredegusto G. David holds the present record of having had
all 8 of his children pass the rigorous double screenings of the
Philippine Science High School, and the added honor of having them
all graduate from the same school. We may attribute this to his
academic leaning, as well as his personal belief in a disciplined way
of life, a belief which he himself practiced throughout.
Dr. David, in addition, opted for a simple and low profile, but moral and humanist in
its highest form.

The life of Dr. David was spent doing what he valued most: studying, then teaching
young people about his expertise, first literature, then physiological statistics and physiological psychology.  Even as a professor, he never stopped learning about the latest in his field.  This may explain why, at UP, he holds another distinction: that
of being probably the only faculty member whose appointment had been
renewed five times after compulsory retirement, making him equal in
length of service to Supreme Court justices, who serve up to 70. It
was only death which cut short his fifth and last appointment. But
while alive, he had planned to teach a subject or two as lecturer,
after his last appointment would have run its course. For Dr. David,
teaching was not just a job: it was a lifelong commitment.

In view of the foregoing, we his family deem it most appropriate to transmit his legacy and to
give back to the school which had nurtured his children during their
formative years and made them what they are today, solid citizens who
support their country through their honest, unmitigated efforts. One
such form of gratitude is the Dr. Fredegusto G. David Memorial Award
for Excellence in the Sciences and Mathematics. We hope, by this
modest award, to reward young people who have studied excellently in
these fields, and hopefully, to provide the impetus for them to go on to specialize in
these same fields in their higher education.


To encourage excellence in the sciences and mathematics, the Dr. F. G.
David Memorial will bestow on a select student from the Philippine Science High
School graduating class the “Dr. F.G.David Academic Award for Excellence
in the Sciences and Mathematics”.
The award will be given to the student who has the highest grade point
average in the pure sciences and mathematics classes for all academic

The highest grade point average will be determined as follows:

- The fourth quarter grades for all science and mathematics subjects for all four
academic years at PSHS will be added up and divided by the number of
science and math subjects taken.

- Pure science classes will include only the following: Earth Sciences
(First Year), Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Second through Fourth
Year) .

- Math subjects will include the First Year Math, Algebra, Geometry,
Trigonometry and Calculus.

- If more than one student has the same grade point average, the
average of the grades in the Sciences and Mathematics for the senior
year will be used to break the tie.

- If there is still a tie after the tie breaker, the students will share the award.

The student(s) on whom the award is bestowed will be announced at the
Toast to Excellence Program.  The said student(s) will receive a
medal from the Dr. F.G. David Memorial as well as a monetary award.

The medal and the monetary award will be given to the student(s) by a family member or a representative of the Dr. F. G. David Family together with the PSHS officer who is designated by the school to bestow academic awards.

Congratulatory Message to the 2008 Awardees

The David Family congratulates Tobit James C. Narciso and Stephanie Anne A. Oliveros for being the first Dr Fredegusto G David Awardees in Excellence in the Sciences and Mathematics. It is for us a propitious sign that the Awardees should tie for the honor, and that both genders are represented. Dr David himself believed in educating his sons and daughters equally. He especially believed in the importance of Science and Mathematics in the life of the mind, and we intend to perpetuate that belief as his legacy, not only to his children and students, but to young people in the Philippine Science High School. This Award is our expression of gratitude to the PSHS, the school which had nurtured his children well in their formative years; a modest reward for both Tobit James and Stephanie Anne, who have studied excellently in these fields; and an expression of hope that their love for the Sciences and Mathematics will remain with them when they go on to their higher education, and even beyond.