Wednesday, July 23, 2008

… I reached home, driving through the twilight. I tried to enjoy the serenity of twilight, when the quiet night is about to replace the noises of the day …. I said to myself that I’m still alive. So is still alive the whole of human civilization. Every man is my brother. I share his genes and enterprises. We share similar phonemes and with them ask heavens similar questions and hopes and wishes. Life isn’t a lonely travail, a pilgrimage of nightmares and of fools. It’s everything that man partly creates. Yes, man is lonely at times; but happy at other, like such many a one at the north country. The skin, together with its color, separates humans from each other. But despite it, they are one in soul and spirit. They’re one in predicament. In that musing, I let the twilight come to overtake my driving.

-fgd 032606