‘Time will let me go’

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

You are the Batch [1997-2001] and the Mandala, here I address. I am one of the nameless ones you now are set to leave behind, who shall tend Diliman like an unbounded field of knowledge that it is, and entrain the new and ever coming batches towards the same liberal orientation of the UP education. Every now and then, you will anchor back for a breather and listen to your former youthful and brave voices, which still resonate in the campus grass, and acacias whose fibers once perhaps intertwined with yours. That time, you will come with acquired broad titles or names, somewhat unrecognizable for the adornments and appurtenances that befit your statures. You will come, perhaps not alone, but together with robust families eager to share your Dilimanian memories. On one anchor, I may not be around anymore, as time will let me go. However, I may still be a part of the air of Diliman, which keeps on breezing here, because Diliman had been its shell where it made sound and found space. Then in you, I shall find a home and life again, even for a moment.

fg david

[Closing paragraph of Message from the Department of Psychology Chairperson, in Mandala 2001 Yearbook]