From ‘Nation In Crisis: The University Inquires Into The Present’

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Let the citizenry asseverate. May it aspire for the best society for itself, the society of S. P. Lopez’: free, pluralistic, egalitarian, participatory, self-restrained and humane. This is a strong wish and affirmation. Ah, yes, Mencius, the purest of Confucius’ students, once expressed: During the reigns of the benevolent Emperors Wu and Wen, the citizens were good and the country prospered. During the terrible reign of the tyrant, Emperor Yu, the citizens were violent; crime was rampant and vicious. And the country suffered and dissolved. Confucius may also be brought to bear at this juncture. But erudition should not be an academic or intellectual escapism even at certain times; at any time, it should be a power of its kind, candid, restrained, analytic, and, were it possible, pure.

Nation in Crisis, Alexander R. Magno (ed.), Diliman:University of the Philippines Press, 1984.