Some thoughts for November 1 & 2

Monday, October 29, 2007

All Souls’ Day and All Saint’s Day remind us of eternity. Some of us get so engrossed with worldly things we forget that eternity is waiting. We all will leave this world someday. We all will go. But, where are we going? From God we came, to God we will go back. Make sure as you journey on, make doubly sure, that to God is where you are heading.

* * *

Perhaps if you and I weren’t so self-righteous, we could have been more loving of those who have gone ahead of us. Perhaps we could have been more listening, more understanding, more forgiving of them. Let us not wait for death to settle our quarrels and sins. Let us not give up our efforts to let people know they are appreciated and loved while they are still living. And let us not stop trying to change our ways that need conversion and our relationships that need healing.

There will be a big turnout of people at the cemetery to visit their dead in the next few days. If only those visits were made when the dead were still alive, if only those flowers were given when the dead could yet respond with so much delight, if only those candles were lit when the dead were not yet inside their tombs. At the end, may we not have too many regrets that we loved too little, too late in life.

* * *

Allow me to share once more this beautiful poem I read somewhere, sometime ago. It is titled ‘One Little Rose.’

I’d rather have one little rose from a friend than to have the choicest flowers when life has come to an end;

I’d rather hear a pleasant word in kindness said to me, than flattery when my heart is still and my life has ceased to be;

I’d rather see a loving smile from friends whom I know are true, than tears shed around my casket when this world I bid ‘Adieu’;

So, bring me all your flowers today, whether pink, or white or red; I’d rather have one blossom now, than a truck load when I’m dead.

* * *

[From Fr. Jerry Orbos' column, Moments, October 28, 2007, Philippine Daily Inquirer]