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our small tribute to the memory of the man who continues to be missed.


This book gathers for the first time ever the hitherto uncollected poems of FG David. It is a collector’s copy, hardbound and printed in high-quality ivory paper–coffeetable quality. FG David was cited by Prof. Leopoldo Y. Yabes as one of the noted young poets in Prof. Yabes’ article for the Poetry Encyclopedia International. More known as an outstanding Psychology Professor, FG, at a very young age, won a nationwide literary contest for his poetry, which manifested the angst of a postwar poet in the affluent 60s but which anticipated the socially-conscious generation of the 70s.  Dr. David continued writing well into the 2000s, mirroring current issues from his unique poetic perspective.  For those who want an insight into the Philippine cultural milieu from the 50s to the 2000s through the prism of FG David’s poems and short stories, this book, which reads refreshingly like contemporary poetry and fiction, is highly recommended.

Before he came there was nothing of this sort.
After he came something of this sort happened…. and is happening still.
He made a difference. (fgd 1 March 1999)
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